These cute Meerkats make fantastic cards for all occasions and will be a big hit with any Meerkat fan. More versatile than a teddy bear card and covers any age range. You can use the link to download a range of text editable speech bubbles so you can customise the cards even more. Your download will come as a "Zip file PDF". You will need to open the file in Adobe Reader (free software).

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Each Download makes an A5 & A6 card and comes with
decoupage or stackers sheets .
Any Meerkat Card Download £0.95 each.

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        Baby Meerkat           Meerkats in love             Very cute Meerkats

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     Team of Meerkats                    Happy Meerkat          Sorry Meerkat

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       Poorly Meerkat              Meerkat family                      Mum & Baby Meerkats   

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       Lots of Meerkats                             Meerkats leaving          Proud Meerkat

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         Meerkat & toy           Looking forward Meerkat    Musical Mexican Meerkats

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                           Party Meerkat                           Naughty Meerkats

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          Big eyed Meerkat          Suprised Meerkat         Wedding Meerkats

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