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The book "How to Design and Make Automata"is now offered as a download from the internet as a PDF file.

If you are interested in Making your own Automata or teach Design and Technology you will be pleased to know that you can buy " How to Design " from Craft Education forĀ£7.95 as a download it from our site(2mb file).

The E-book is A4 in size ( the size of a photocopy) it has 84 pages packed with practical advise and information and over 270 black and white illustrations to help you fully understand the principals of mechanical engineering in a simple and understandable way. Importantly all this information is directly related to making Automata. It also gives valuable advice on Designing and Constructing your own Automata as well as guidance on the purchase and use of special tools. It all amounts to a very clear, simple and comprehensive guide to anyone interested in making their own automata. You can view the contents on your computer or print it out. It is simple to use as it comes as a PDF file and runs under Adobe acrobat, which also comes on the CD-ROM.

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